July 23, 2018
July 24, 2018

currencyAll prices in Cambodia are generally quoted in US$ as this currency is accepted everywhere. The local currency is the Riel and there are 4 000 Riels to US$1. You are only likely to encounter Riels when getting change for less than a dollar. This is a useful tip money.

It is advisable to have a lot of small denomination money (US$) on you when you arrive, if possible, as you will be using this money for tips in hotels and for transport in taxis and tuk-tuks. Expecting a tuk-tuk driver to make change for a hundred dollar bill is totally unrealistic!

Tipping is not obligatory but, like anywhere else, rewarding good service is welcomed. Below are rough guidelines when it come to how much to tip:

Service Guide

FIT < 6 pax US$ 10 – US$12 /group/day
Group 7-15 pax US$ 15 – US$ 18 /group/day
Group 15 pax up US$ 20 /group/day
MICE US$ 30 /group/day

Guide- Adventure Trip

FIT < 6 pax US$ 15 /group/day
Group 7-15 pax US$ 18 – US$20 /group/day
Group 15 pax up US$ 25 /group/day


Driver US$ 8 – US$10 /group/day

Around Country Incentive

Bus boy (helper) US$ 4 /day
Cyclo, Tuk-Tuks US$ 1 /pax

Boat crew

Short tour (1-2 hour) US$ 1 /pax
Long tour (half day) US$ 1 /pax
Cruise with O/N US$ 2 /pax


Porters US1 /luggage
Reception staff No tip

Restaurant (waiters)

Pre-arranged meals US$ 1 /pax
Meal on client’s own 1-2 USD/pax