Weather and Climate

Cambodia is always hot and humid and the temperatures range between about 22° and 32°C for most of the year – except in the hot season (March to May) when it can reach 40°C.

It has something to offer visitors all year round so ideally, you should plan your holiday for the time of the year that bests suits the activities that you want to pursue. Broadly speaking the following rules of thumb apply:

March to May:

The hottest time of the year and good to be doing watersport activities such as snorkelling, scuba diving, kite surfing or just lying on the beach. It is the driest time of the year so you won’t see waterlogged rice paddies and the Tonlé Sap Lake will be very low.

One should be wary of travel in Cambodia in April as this is the month during which the Khmer New Year falls. Much of the country shuts down over New Year as people celebrate this time of the year – particularly around the many temples in the country (especially around Siem Reap) as they give thanks and seek good fortune for the year ahead.

June to October:

This is the rainy season so there will be regular downpours but these tend to last for a short period of time and then the skies clear and everything is crisp, shiny and clear again. Much like the Highveld thunderstorms in South Africa. Not the ideal time to be trekking through the jungles but excellent to be travelling by boat or kayak on the large network of rivers in the country. (The Angkor Empire Marathon takes place in August).

This is the low tourist season in Cambodia and you will often find that prices are lower for most things (transport, flights, ferries, accommodation, etc) than in high season.

November to February:

The cooler, dry season and also the high season in terms of visitors to the country. Ideal for more strenuous activities like cycling, trekking, hiking and the like. The downside to this time of the year is that you will be sharing your time with the largest number of other travelers to the country. Popular tourism sites like the temples in Siem Reap will be at their busiest. (The Angkor Wat International Half Marathon takes place in December).